Amazing Conversions

Amazing Conversions

We’ve looked at unusual van conversions before, and that’s great. However, some of the most interesting buildings have also been converted beyond recognition. This blog examines some of the most awe inspiring and beautiful conversions, from churches to shipping containers.

Many people nowadays are taken with the idea of building their own home – but actually, some of the most interesting and awe-inspiring buildings are the ones that take an existing building and give it a new lease of life. In between conducting our house removals York, we like to keep tabs on the world of conversions – here are some of the most impressive.


This amazing water-tower-turned-house looks as if Rapunzel is going to throw her hair out of a window at any minute! The building was originally created as a water tower serving the Suffolk region, built back in 1923 with mock-Tudor and Jacobean styles. It’s been a beautiful family home since the late 1970s, with five bedrooms, three bathrooms and a total of 68 steps to climb – we’d hate to have been the removals company York on this particular job!


This beautiful conversion breathed new life into an old warehouse in an industrial area. The rusty beams and paint-chipped bricks certainly didn’t look like much before, but with a little vision and a lot of elbow grease, it’s been transformed into this combined residence and office space. Many of the old features remain, but it’s been thoroughly updated and is fantastically modern.


Churches are a popular type of building to renovate – they often have some beautiful period features and are structurally sound. This particular conversion in Knightsbridge has totally modernised the interior of the church, turning it from a vast chamber of worship into a cosy and comfortable family home, with a real touch of luxury.


This cushy home was once a pump house in Yorkshire – and now it’s a bona fide bachelor pad! With three bedrooms, two bathrooms and two huge reception areas, this spacious property retains much of its old charm but is still very contemporary.


Grain silos are a popular feature of the countryside, and some clever designers have come up with the great idea of turning them into homes and apartment pods. One silo has even been converted into a B&B! From one-bedroom loft apartments to fully functioning three-bed homes, the scale of the silo is the only barrier to creativity here.

Planning a ‘grand design’ of your own and need help with the removals? Our York man and van services can help make the process simple and budget-friendly, so you can get on with your dream home! 

Obscure Laws from European Countries

Obscure Laws from European Countries

If you’re considering moving to another country, your head is probably crammed with plans and details – tax issues, hiring a York removal company, time differences, language barriers… it’s stressful to say the least!

With so much to think about, many people forget to look up the laws of the land they’re moving to – and it’s fair to say that some of the laws that still reside around Europe are pretty odd! Here are some of the most obscure and strange laws from around Europe, for those planning the big move…


In France, it is illegal for a pig to be addressed as Napoleon by its owner. You might think the name you’ve given your new porker is quirky and irreverent, but the French authorities might see it differently! It’s also illegal to take photos of police officers or their vehicles.


If you’re driving along the motorway in Germany, you’d better make sure you’ve got plenty of fuel! It’s illegal for a car to run out of gas on the Autobahn, which is the German road for highway. If you want to go on strike in Germany, it’s illegal to wear a mask while doing so, and pillows are also classed as ‘passive weapons’ – so no pillow-fighting in the street!


Fancy a move to the sun-kissed islands of Greece? We don’t blame you! But beware – it’s illegal to dance naked in the Acropolis (just in case anyone was thinking of trying it), and if you turn up to tour a religious or culturally significant site in high heels, you’ll be asked to take them off and complete the tour barefoot. Couponing is also illegal in Greece, which means your attempts to be extra thrifty could land you in court!


In Venice, it was once a tradition for tourists to hold out handfuls of seeds or nuts and turn themselves into a human bird perch. Unfortunately, the practice is actually illegal, and those found to be breaking this law can be fined – sometimes up to $700 (which is around £450 – yikes!).


Scandinavia is renowned for its high quality of life, but they have a few odd laws too. If you sell a flag that has a message painted or written on it, you could be fined, and if you want to paint your house, you must first seek a license to do so.

Looks like those planning a move abroad have a lot to think about! Why not take a look at our house removals in Yorkshire – it’s quick and budget-friendly, and it’ll free up your time to think about how you’re going to get away with having a pillow-fight on the streets of Berlin.

Welcome To Our Blog!

Welcome To Our Blog!

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